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Çakır Academy
Çakır Academy offers thousands of applied face-to-face and video trainings, from technology to personal development, from healthy living to family and hobbies,
– Generation Hope
– Cakir Group Employees
– All Other Participants/Trainings
It is an Academy program prepared for Çakır Group employees, our customers and all other participants based on 3 main audiences.
Çakır Group started its activities as of February 23rd with ÇAKIR Academy, a versatile applied training center that meets the training needs of employees by ensuring customer satisfaction and quality, aiming to transfer its 30 years of experience to the present and future generations.
It was put into service as a training center equipped with modern and technological infrastructure.
The center offers a pleasant and more efficient training experience with 2 mechanical training classrooms, 2 commercial training classrooms, 2 digital training classrooms, social areas with a closed area of 1,250 square meters on the upper floor. With 2 thousand square meters of indoor space, it contributes to the development of experience and skills with the applied trainings organized in the paint and mechanic workshop consisting of 2 separate classrooms on the lower floor. With an annual training capacity of 3 thousand people, the center is of great importance in providing expert human resources to the sector.
In addition to technical trainings, the center provides our employees with trainings on many subjects such as empathy, end-to-end customer relationship management and increasing their behavioral abilities, and supports their professional and personal development while enabling the emergence of talented human resources.
At the end of the trainings, those who are successful as a result of the evaluation at the end of the trainings receive a certificate certifying their training.
Launched in 2023, the Academy’s investment plans for the next 24 years and beyond are ongoing.

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