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About Us
Çakır Group is a family company founded by İbrahim Çakır and his children.
Since its establishment in 1991, Çakır Group has set an example to its competitors in its fields of activity with its total quality-oriented approach.
ÇAKIROĞLU AUTOMATION SYS, ÇAKIROĞLU INFORMATION TECH, ÇAKIROĞLU INSURANCE, INSURANCE BRANDS , ÇAKIROĞLU RENTAL TOURISM, ÇAKIR GLOBAL FOREIGN TRADE companies operating under the Çakır Group brand have managed to continuously improve themselves with their pioneering position in the sector and to benefit their brands and customers.

With its activities in automotive sales, service, spare parts, construction, second hand, foreign trade, academy, car rental and insurance, our company has both added value to Turkey and provided employment.
Çakır Group, which has continuously increased its consolidated turnover and profit in the last five years, continues on its way with confident steps.
With more than 30 years of experience and over a hundred employees, Çakır Group, as Turkey’s leading group of companies today, aims to contribute to all its stakeholders and the economy in the future.

Our Subsidiaries

Skoda Cakiroglu

Cakiroglu 2nd Hand

Caraj Car Rental

Cakir Fleet

Cakir Garage

Michelin Cakiroglu

Cakiroglu Insurance

Insurance Brands

Adsız tasarım (2)

Çkr Building Construction

Cakir Global


Çakır Akademi


Wholesale Tire Sales


Moto Cakir

Attaching importance to institutionalization, sustainable growth and innovation, Çakır Group continues to grow and constantly improve itself with its pioneering and innovative approach in the sectors it serves. We continue to produce and make a difference for 20 years with the excitement of the first day, working with all our strength to be beneficial to our country and society.

İştiraklerimiz :

– Skoda Çakıroğlu Yetkili Bayi ve Servisi

– Çakıroğlu İkinci el

– Caraj Car Rental

– Çakır Filo Kiralama

– Çakır Garaj Özel Servisi

– Michelin Çakıroğlu

– Çakıroğlu Sigorta

– Sigorta Markaları

– CKR Yapı İnşaat

– Çakır Global

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