Çakır Grup

Our Vision
To be among the top one hundred holdings in Turkey in at least one of the parameters of employment, turnover and profitability within 20
years with its visionary shareholders, right investments, successful subsidiaries, professional managers, loyal and efficient employees,
understanding of management by researching, targeting, planning and measuring, and a culture of consultation.

Our Mission
To always take pioneering steps in institutionalization and innovation to ensure the healthy growth and sustainable growth of our family businesses.
To ensure that family members provide maximum benefit to our family businesses by evaluating, supporting and employing them correctly.
To set an example for our business world with our perfectly functioning businesses and the value we place on our social stakeholders.
To be one of the leading companies that continuously differentiate itself through R&D and Product Development investments and an innovation culture.
To have businesses that generate added value and strengthen the Turkish economy.
To set an example for our sector by continuously minimizing the burden of our businesses on nature and the environment.
To be beneficial to society and the environment with our social responsibility projects.
To support the employees of our companies to improve their quality of life.

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