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Skoda opens first "Damage Repair Center" in Turkey (Headline)

Skoda is repairing cars after accidents in the safest and best way possible with its new Damage Repair Center at Çakıroğlu Otomotiv in Istanbul. Skoda's new Damage Repair Center at Çakıroğlu Otomotiv in Istanbul offers the safest and best way to repair automobiles after accidents. It offers repair services at manufacturer standards with highly trained personnel and high quality equipment. The inability to repair cars after accidents in the condition they left the factory is a major problem and one of the biggest concerns of users. Skoda's Damage Repair Center aims to make a big difference in Turkey with its post-accident services. Based on the philosophy of repairing to manufacturer standards, the Damage Repair Center includes body and paint workshops with high quality equipment, highly trained personnel, and physical space that allows for an effective and efficient damage repair process. In a light, medium or heavy accident, not only the visible parts of the car but also the invisible parts can be seriously affected by high strength. At this point, while components are irreversibly damaged, some parts can be repaired with the right repair and correction techniques. Due to the complex structure of today's vehicles, the decision on how and with which methods to carry out the repair or, if necessary, to replace the damaged part with the original can be made in the most accurate way thanks to the Damage Repair Center. There are many variables, ranging from the problems caused by the electronic systems of an improperly repaired vehicle to how much it will affect the vehicle in a possible second accident. A vehicle that has been repaired with inappropriate methods can be seriously damaged in the next accident and this can cause irreversible losses to the vehicle users. Skoda brand, which approaches excellent service quality during the damage process with great sensitivity to safety, has launched the first Damage Repair Center in Turkey, preventing its users from experiencing problems after accidents and making their cars almost as good as the first day. Offering excellent service to its customers from the beginning to the end of the damage process, the center provides a service that directly affects the life safety of the users. At every stage of the repair process, from the first contact with the service after the accident to the complete and complete delivery of the vehicle, the vehicle is repaired by expert personnel. Thus, with the right repair methods and the assurance of original Skoda Spare Parts, the vehicles return to their pre-accident condition.

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